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No second beta for Windows 7

Microsoft will streamline Windows 7 development process with one beta release and one release candidate

Microsoft is streamlining the development process for Windows 7, by going straight from the current beta version to a release candidate (RC) version.

In a company blog, Steven Sinofsky, the VP in charge of Windows Engineering Group, said that there would be no second beta version, and only one RC version.

In the past, Microsoft has released several beta versions of major applications and operating systems, in order to test out changes to the software before it was released. For Windows 7 however, Sinofsky said that Microsoft would cut down the number of interim stages to give more clarity to PC manufacturers before launch.

“At this milestone, we will be very selective about what changes we make between the Release Candidate and the final product, and very clear in communicating them. We will act on the most critical issues. The point of the Release Candidate is to make sure everyone is ready for the release and that there is time between the Release Candidate and our release to PC makers and manufacturing,” Sinofsky said.

Windows Vista suffered a number of issues with hardware incompatibility at launch, and is also facing legal action over its ‘Vista ready’ certification, where vendors were not ready for launch of the OS.

Microsoft was also criticized for the five year gap between Windows XP and Vista.

Sinofsky said that the decision to only have one beta did not mean that Microsoft was bringing forward Windows 7 launch date or plans.

“This is in no way an announcement of a ship date, change in plans or change in our previously described process,” he said.