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Saudi police surveillance systems to be revoked

Advanced systems allowed police officers to have a 360 degree view outside their vehicle

Advanced surveillance systems used in Saudi Arabian police demonstrator vehicles will be revoked after Nurizon Corporation terminated its partnership with US-based manufacturer ICOP Digital.

“Recent weeks have demonstrated that ICOP Digital are no longer a company which Nurizon Corporation is able to continue to operate with or represent for a variety of reasons all of which will be announced to the public in due course,” said Christopher Riddell, CEO of Nurizon Corporation, a homeland security solutions provider with its regional head office in Riyadh.

The ICOP Digital 20/20W system was extensively promoted in Saudi Arabia and installed in police demonstrator vehicles over the summer of 2008.

While there has been no further clarification on Nurizon’s surprising decision, all ICOP Digital products, including hardware and software, will no longer be supported by the Saudi police or any other local entity effective immediately.

Nurizon is presently negotiating with other vehicle mobile surveillance providers and is expected to announce a replacement partner shortly.