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IBM takes business collaboration to the clouds

Launches LotusLive - a virtual office that features IBM Lotus tools for enterprise customers

IBM has launched its cloud-based suite of online business collaboration services – LotusLive.

Described as a “one-stop virtual office for all of your day-to-day business requirements”, LotusLive.com will feature all the IBM Lotus online collaboration tools such as social networking, email, file sharing and even web conferencing.

As it’s built on open standards, LotusLive can easily integrate with third-party applications with its ‘click to cloud’ functionality.

IBM has already announced LotusLive partnerships with professional social networking website LinkedIn, VoIP service Skype and CRM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor Salesforce.com, which could allow it to reach potentially 400 million new users.

These partnerships will see LinkedIn blend its site with LotusLive, Lotus Notes and Lotus Connections. While Skype will provide voice and video functionality within LotusLive and Salesforce.com will integrate its existing software with LotusLive services.

LotusLive is expected to compete with Microsoft Windows Live and Google Apps from an enterprise perspective.