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ictQATAR opens telecom framework to public opinion

New proposal aims to improve transparency and make it easier for companies to obtain licences in Qatar

The Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) is inviting public feedback on its latest telecommunication licensing framework for Qatar.

Changes in technology and increased demand for communications services have forced a review of the present licensing framework.

ictQATAR is pushing for new class licences for the resale of certain telecommunications services. The move is expected to open the market to companies that want to provide services using the facilities of licensed service providers such as Qtel and Vodafone.

A proposed private network class licence would also see automatic grants to any entity that owns and operates a private network, such as universities, corporations and banks.

The framework also calls for an online registry of all licensed service providers that will be posted on the ictQATAR website.

"We hope that the public looks closely at our proposed licensing framework and provides input on what they believe would best serve Qatar,” said Lisa Leidig, manager, Regulatory Policy and Economic Affairs at ictQATAR.

“Our proposal recognizes the great potential for growth in the telecoms sector and suggests a framework that encourages new businesses and promotes the development of new products and services," added Leidig.

The proposed framework is available for review through www.ictQATAR.qa and comments from the public will be accepted until February 15, 2009, after which ictQATAR will post the final licensing policy online.