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Satyam reaching out to customers in Middle East

Executives in the region are understood to be reassuring customers that the services company will deliver on contracts

Satyam executives in the Middle East have been visiting customers and partners in the region to reassure them that it is business as usual itp.net has learned.

A source who wished to remain anonymous told itp.net that the company was taking steps to inform customers that Satyam would still be able to deliver on work it has been contracted to deliver in the region.

Satyam has around 700 associates in the Middle East at anyone time, mainly working on customer projects, and has been expanding its presence, with a development centres in Qatar and Egypt and a growing number of customers for enterprise deployments. The company has around 200 high level customers in the region, as well as strategic partnerships with local and global organizations.

The source said commented that as a knowledge-based company, Satyam did not expect any disruption to delivery of projects, and was looking to maintain its team in the region in order to be able to fulfill obligations to clients.

The Indian government earlier today ordered the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) to investigate the financial irregularities at Satyam, as it emerged that former CEO Ramalinga Raju had been falsifying accounts for seven years.

The new government-appointed board also announced today that it was looking to appoint a new auditor for the company within two days. The board was assembled on Monday to take control at the company.

Satyam has also set up its own internal task force of senior management, which includes Senior VP Virender Aggarwal who is responsible for the Asia Pacific, Middle-East, India and Africa Operations, to continue to steer the company.