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Bahrain extends mobile registration deadline

"Significant" number of users still not registered


The telecoms regulator in Bahrain has extended the deadline by which mobile users are to register their details after requests from operators in the country.

A “significant” number of users are still unregistered and the decision has been made to extend the deadline rather than suspend the customer’s accounts.

TRA's General Director, Alan Horne said that the TRA has agreed to extend the date to by three months to the end of March.

“TRA took the step of requiring registration to support public safety and discourage attempts to exploit telecommunications networks for illicit purposes.

“It is very important for the users of mobile services to understand the importance of complying with the regulation and to take necessary actions to register their details, if they wish to continue using their existing prepaid mobile phone number,” he added.

The deadline is not extended for users who indicated to their operators that they do not intend to register their details, and the TRA said that these users would be cut off on 1st January.

All new purchases of prepaid mobile services require registration of user's personal details in order for the service to be activated.