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Qtel presents new personalized call packages

Shahry monthly service allows customers to make free unlimited calls to one preferred number

Qtel has unveiled four new Shahry monthly call packages that are tailored to meet different mobile usage needs.

With the new packages, subscribers can make unlimited calls to one preferred number, enjoy a range of call minutes and choose from various SMS, MMS and internet download options.

The four value packs include the advanced Shahry 575 and Shahry 300, which allows customers to choose one Qtel number to make unlimited calls to. In doing so, customers won’t ever need to pay for calls to that particular colleague or friend. In addition, customers will be able to change that number once a month.

The Shahry 575 and Shahry 300 value packs also offer a range of call minutes (2,000 call minutes for Shahry 575 and 1,000 for Shahry 300), SMS (200 for Shahry 575, 100 for Shahry 300) and up to 100 MMS and 10 MB of internet download as part of the respective packages. A flat monthly fee will cover customers to the maximum call minutes, SMS and MMS required.

The Shahry 130 and Shahry 200 value packs were also launched - Shahry 130 offers 300 call minutes, 30 SMS, 10 MMS and 1MB of internet downloads, while Shahry 200 provides 600 call minutes, 60 SMS, 40 MMS and 2MB of internet downloads.

The standard Shahry package, which does not have built-in call minutes and 3G services, will still be available for QR 50 per month.

The customized packages were a result of customer feedback that suggested accounts should be tailored to match usage habits more closely.