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Arabs register for 2008 Blog Action Day

Event aims to unite bloggers around the world and trigger a global discussion

Bloggers from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have registered their participation for the 2008 Blog Action Day, which will take place tomorrow.

The annual nonprofit event aims to unite bloggers and podcasters worldwide by posting on the same topic on the same day. Last year, bloggers spoke out on the environment and this year the Blog Action Day hopes to highlight the issue of global poverty.

While only two bloggers from UAE have registered so far, more than twenty five bloggers from Saudi Arabia have rallied for the cause. Already 8,555 websites worldwide have pledged their participation, reaching an audience of nearly 9,164,000 readers.

The aim of the Blog Action Day is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion, with each blogger posting their perspectives and ideas on global poverty.

Vision, a student club at the University Of Sharjah that has registered for the event, has gone one step further by hosting a presentation by the United Nations Development Programme and planning activities around the theme of global poverty.

“There are in fact a range of things that anyone can do and on October 15, we will speak up to what Students can do to help end Poverty!,” the site states.

It’s still not too late to join in the global initiative. Visit www.blogactionday.org to register your website and take part in the 2008 Blog Action Day.