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Thuraya unveils new broadband terminal

ThurayaIP promises high quality streaming video via a tiny mobile terminal.

Thuraya, an Abu-Dhabi based provider of mobile satellite services in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, is keen to highlight its ongoing product innovation strategy at GULFCOMMS.

The company, which provides mobile satellite services in more than 170 countries, has brought a range of innovations to market recently, including ThurayaIP, an A-5 sized 444 kbps portable broadband terminal with video streaming capability.

"We have always realised that data would be the key driver of the telecommunications market growth and as such, we have built and evolved a strong product line for data offerings, which are increasingly becoming among our core services at Thuraya," said Yousuf Al Sayed, CEO.

The ThurayaIP terminal, which is among the smallest in the satellite broadband category, is considered to be the most efficient for its size in terms of speed and video streaming capability.

The product is aimed at key markets such as oil and gas, NGOs, government, coastguards, maritime, media, transport and business continuity. Developed by Hughes, ThurayaIP has a built-in antenna which provides a rapid maximum reception speed of 444 Kbps and a maximum transmission speed of 202 Kbps.

The terminal supports video streaming using dedicated channels, which should help improve video quality. The ThurayaIP service is offered in various monthly fee packages with limited and unlimited usage.