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BT launches botnet detection service

The company assures that customers will not need to invest in additional technology or infrastructure to take advantage of the service.

BT’s managed security solutions group has launched a service to detect botnet attacks for customers, by monitoring and analysing firewall traffic for communication patterns between bots.

According to the company, it is now able by using new proprietary detection tools, to identify which hosts within a customer’s network are under the control of botnets. BT is then able to assist the customer with quarantine and remediation efforts to restore the network’s integrity.

BT states that customers do not need to buy any additional infrastructure or technology and that this solution will be provided as a service to BT’s existing event monitoring and correlation customers.

"Our botnet detection tools provide customers with a significant layer of additional protection that wasn't previously available. Industry projections show that on a typical business day, there are upwards of seven million separate bot attacks. It's essential that companies ensure they have maximum and continuous early-warning security measures in place to protect the integrity of their assets and mitigate risks," explained Ray Stanton, global head of BT’s business continuity, security and governance practice.

Customers are notified by BT when botnet activity is detected. The activity is summarised for customers in daily reports, which can then form a historical record they can use to identify broader trends on their networks. This assists customers in prioritising remediation and policy activity.