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Bank of Alexandria increases self-service with SEDCO

SEDCO's Infotrix Customer Visit Solution to introduce self-service for Bank of Alexandria customers

The Bank of Alexandria has signed a $750,000 contract to deploy Customer Visit Solutions to improve processes in it branches.

The bank has selected SEDCO’s Infotrix solution to provide self-service kiosks and information screens which will help to speed up customer visits and enhance efficiency. By enabling customers to serve themselves for key services, bank personnel will be free to provide greater help for those customers that require it.

Sa’d Salah, CEO of SEDCO commented: “Infotrix solution aims to reduce the service time to customers, optimize the employees' performance, and to help the bank’s management to measure the daily volume of work in the bank.

“The system, which will be implemented for the first time in Egypt in the Bank of Alexandria, will offer to the bank's management the tools needed to assess the bank's performance and to make the necessary decisions in order to optimally carry out the bank's strategic growth plans,” he added.

The solution will be deployed by SEDCO and its Egyptian partner Prosylab Information & Communications Systems. The first phase of the project will cover 40 of the bank’s 198 branches. The project also includes staff training, and a test deployment in the bank’s Cairo branch which handled over 1,000 customer transactions.

Mahmoud Morsi, Prosylab’s chairman said: “The system will greatly enhance the level of service offered to customers. Monitoring the performance of the bank’s employees will be much easier through the system, and the bank's clients will be able to obtain certain services completely by themselves.”