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Global IT outsourcer to service Middle East

Achievo Corporation to bring ITO services and solutions to the region

Software outsourcing company, Achievo Corporation and US based The Innovest Group have joined hands to bring IT outsourcing (ITO) services and solutions in the Middle East.

Initially available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Jordan, the decision is in response to the growing demand for IT infrastructure and enterprise architecture services.

“With more than 160 banks in and around the region, the Middle East is becoming a financial services destination and we believe there is substantial opportunity for Achievo,” said Nestor G. Cruz, president of Achievo's North America Business Group.

Demand for ITO and business process outsourcing (BPO) is also increasing, with both Achievo and InnoVest believing that a skills shortage and reluctance by businesses to invest in IT is driving the demand.

“As the Middle East strives to move its economies beyond oil, there is a clear need for ITO that is geared to mid sized projects. Most of the ITO resources in this region are large IT companies from the US and India. We haven't seen anyone geared towards the mid-tiered players,” commented David Dastvar, managing partner of The InnoVest Group.

“Additionally, few players in this region are focusing on disaster recovery. Achievo has differentiated itself by obtaining the appropriate back end security certifications that will allow Middle East financial institutions to establish their own local development centers in China where they can create IT solutions that will help sustain the region's emerging financial economy. We believe these capabilities combined with InnoVest market access and MENA business intelligence is the recipe for success,' said Dastvar.