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Trend Micro and itp.net team up for ME security survey

Middle East Security Survey 2008 to test regional security awareness

Online security threats have increased drastically in the past few years, both in the volume of threats, and the different means of attack, creating major challenges for businesses and end users to stay abreast of how they can protect themselves.

Despite different approaches to from security experts on how best to tackle the issues, one thing they all agree upon is that awareness and education is key to combating online threats.

Now, in order to get a better understanding of what end users know about online security and how they are protecting themselves at work and at home, itp.net has joined up with leading global content security provider Trend Micro to launch the first Middle East Security Survey.

We are asking for your help to provide an indepth view of security awareness in the region. The survey is open to all end users in the Middle East region, and we will be offering a prize draw once the survey closes at the start of October.

To complete the survey simple click the link, or visit www.itp.net/trend-micro-survey-2008.