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Voice SMS makes its debut in Oman

Nawras telecom offers an alternative to traditional ‘type and read’ SMS.

Nawras has launched a voice SMS service for its mobile customers in Oman.

Costing 25 baisa for each message sent, the service comes just in time for the holiday season.

To send a voice message, customers should enter ‘*’ followed by the mobile number of the receiver and record their message when prompted. A notification SMS will then be sent to the recipient. Nawras customers can type ‘0’ to listen to the message for free, while customers of other networks will be requested to dial the number provided in the notification SMS.

"We believe that our new Voice SMS service will be very popular with thousands of Nawras customers particularly those who love to try the latest services and use regular messages to get closer to their friends and family. The service is extremely popular in other parts of the world and we are delighted to introduce it to Oman so that Nawras customers can enjoy the benefits too,” Mohammed Al Nadjwani, Nawras product manager, told regional daily Times of Oman.

Nawras currently covers 96% of Oman’s population through its network coverage.