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Yahoo! creates a buzz

Beta version of content voting service is now open to the world.

Yahoo! has opened its new content voting service called Yahoo! Buzz to the world, allowing users to have a say in what really deserves to make headlines.

While visitors could earlier see stories that had been ‘Buzzed’ and vote them either up or down by preference, only a few hundred users were given rights to add new story links to the service until now.

The restriction was put in place so that Yahoo! could work on refining the service and fixing any bugs that came up.

What sets it apart from other websites like Digg and Reddit that offer similar services is that Buzz is also designed to feed stories to the portal’s homepage. It’s poised to create some real competition as companies will be lured by the prospect of appearing on the homepage of Yahoo!, which currently holds the No.1 global traffic rank according to Alexa.

If you’d like to see what the buzz is all about, click here.