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30 Batelco staff accept early retirement

10 others to stay on after telecom u-turns on decision earlier this year to lay workers off.

Thirty of 40 staff at Batelco have accepted a voluntary early retirement package after they were made redundant earlier in the summer.

The remaining 10 are being trained for new positions having returned to work, Bahrain's Gulf Daily News reported on Sunday.

Batelco in May backtracked on a decision to lay off 40 workers in the face of growing opposition to the move from employees and trade unions.

The company agreed to either reinstate or pay compensation to the employees it made redundant, despite a court ruling in favour of its earlier action.

The workers, originally 44, had taken Batelco to court in April, claiming that an early retirement package they were being offered, called Employee Redeployment Package (ERP), was less than they would have received in a previous scheme, known as voluntary early retirement.

Four of the workers accepted the ERP package.