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NEC delivers first tape library

The automated solution is intended to simplify back-up and assist enterprises in upgrading storage capacity

NEC Computers has launched the T16A2, its first tape library. The T16A2 is an automated solution that simplifies the back-up of data and assists enterprises in upgrading storage capacity.

Key features of the solution include a compact form factor design, unique scalability due to a double magazine design, in-built support for LTO-3 and LTO-4 media and finally a user friendly administration screen combined with remote management.

The T16A2 uses an advanced bar code reader to register the location of bands, allowing important data to be saved in a more efficient fashion. The 2U rack format provides a large storage capacity within a reduced space.

According to the company, the storage unit includes the latest tape technology and supports the Ultrium LTO format, which offers high capacity, high performance and increased security. Businesses can also choose between the LTO-3 or LTO-4 band readers which allows one to double the storage capacity whilst retaining the documents in the same way as LTO does.

These band readers are available with WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology to protect data against alterations and modifications.

The library makes use of the remote-administration, configuration and control of any function. The web based remote management allows the efficient monitoring of storage systems without the need for manual intervention. In the event of a problem users are able to access a diagnostic report based on the logs.

In addition to the T16A2, NEC offers completely standardised storage sub-systems which can be integrated into the product. The NAS solution (network attached storage) is designed to reduce deployment time and the need for additional resources, while the sub-systems supported by SAN (storage area network) works in the area concerned with the centralisation of data, while simplifying administration.