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Showtime connects with BT's MPLS network

BT signs contract with Showtime Arabia owner, Gulf DTH, to connect its various sites with the company's MPLS network

BT Networks has signed a five year managed networks services contract with Gulf DTH, the owners and operators of pay-TV network Showtime Arabia.

The agreement will see BT connect Gulf DTH operations throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the UK. This will be achieved by using BTs multi protocol label switching (MPLS) network. According to BT, the migration to a single network will mean reduced costs and improved productivity due to the addition of other services that can be built into the network.

"We are delighted that Showtime Arabia has chosen us as a business partner. This deal demonstrates the importance of this market to us and our ability to meet the needs of global organizations." said Wael El Kabbany, business development director for BT MEA.

Showtime will in future also be able to join BT's global digital media platform (GMN). GMN is a managed network service based on MPLS virtual private networks that provides secure, high quality inter-working connectivity for both broadcast-quality real-time video and other data applications between customers in remote and dispersed locations.

"This solution was chosen to optimise inter-network performance and will deliver significant benefits to both our cost base and our effectiveness in serving our customers," concluded Steven Macdiarmid, vice-president of operations, Showtime Arabia.