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nVidia launches new mobile GPUs

nVidia GeForce 9800M and GeForce 9700M intended to boost notebook graphics capability.

Graphics specialist nVidia claims to have unveiled a new era of notebook PC gaming with the launch of its new GeForce 9800M and GeForce 9700M series of mobile graphics processing units (GPUs).

Five variants of the GPU family are available including the GeForce 9800M GTX, GeForce 9800M GTS, GeForce 9800 GT, GeForce 9700M GTS and last but not least, the GeForce 9700M GT. Of these, the 9800M GTX is the fastest and most expensive GPU in the line.

Both GPUs share a number of features including support for PhysX technology, 112 discreet processing cores, a new lighting engine, support for multi-GPU SLI and Hybrid SLI technology, PureVideo HD processing and support for the new MXM version 3.0 graphics module specification.

Of these features nVidia is touting PhysX as the most significant. The company says this feature enables realistic graphics and physics effects that mimic the real world. nVidia is also keen to stress that its new GPUs can also be used to speed up non-game related software including digital video conversion and high resolution photo editing. Apps must be developed using nVidia's Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) to be GPU compatible however.

Notebook vendor Toshiba is one of the first companies to announce notebooks that use the new GPUs. "Toshiba has been delivering superior visuals for laptops with GeForce graphics ever since nVidia launched its first notebook GPU. This combination helped to create Toshiba's successful line of powerful gaming laptops with GeForce and SLI technology," said Yasuhisa Arabiki, senior manager of Toshiba's PC Product Planning Department. "Toshiba is continuing its commitment to deliver a great gaming experience by feature GeForce 9800M GTX and GeForce 9700M GTS throughout the Qosmio X300 and X305 series."

In addition to Toshiba, 20 other notebook vendors around the world have already announced laptops that will use one of nVidia's new mobile GPUs.