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Itisaluna expands network coverage to Karbala

Announcement follows Itisaluna Iraq’s recent expansion to the province of Alfurat Al-Awsat and southern provinces of Iraq

Itisaluna Abr Al-Iraq, an emerging nationwide telecommunications operator in Iraq, has announced the launch of its operations and network coverage in the province of Karbala.

The announcement follows news that the company commenced its second stage of expansion to Alfurat Al-Awsat and the southern provinces of Iraq, after successfully launching its services in Baghdad and Basra earlier this year.

Itisaluna will provide fixed wireless telecommunication services to the residents of Karbala with post-paid and pre-paid subscription options. Value-added services such as call forwarding, call waiting, SMS and caller ID are also available.

Mobile subscribers can access entertainment services offered by the network such as the Funbox service, which includes horoscopes, jokes and excerpts of classical poetry, and SMS2TV, an interactive service that allows subscribers to communicate with Arab satellite channels and television programs through text messages.

Itisaluna will offer two types of internet services to the Karbala province based on customer needs - internet (1X) offers speeds of up to 150 Kbps, making it suitable for essential internet browsing, and High Speed Internet (EVDO) which is geared towards high-end internet users with speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps.