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New configuration tool to aid systems integrators

Aspen Optics launch configuration tools for fibre network deployment

Aspen Optics has developed a configuration tool that it boldly proclaims will "revolutionise" the way systems integrators generate solutions for fibre network connection.

The company insists the tool is the first of its kind to offer instant recommendations on how to connect fibre networks. It promises to dramatically speed up tasks that previously involved unnecessary trial and error, freeing up network engineers to carry out other duties.

Aspen says that network quality and cost effectiveness are guaranteed, as the best options for connection are generated automatically. It claims the facility will assist systems integrators involved in frequent network expansion, along with telecom operators, government organisations and large enterprises that routinely expand their infrastructure.

The tool, which allows users to choose the switch models they wish to connect and the distance between, evaluates the specifications of the hardware as well as details such as compatibility, interoperability and transmission mode.

Aspen insists the configuration engine is particularly valuable in a multi-vendor environment and will allow integrators to divert more of their time to revenue-generating activities like network design and optimisation.

"Previously, fibre connection in a network deploying devices from multiple vendors is a complicated task," said the fibre connectivity vendor. "With the configuration tool, one of the most challenging network problems is now easily solved."