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Mobily compensation offer follows outage

Goodwill gesture by telecom giant to 11 million customers is largest discount in company's history.

Mobily is to offer customers a week-long discount that reaches 50% as compensation for an outage last Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia’s second largest telecommunications company said the seven hour long outage was partly due to an error by subcontractor Saudi Oger, which cut through a core network cable on the intersection of King Abdullah Road with Takhassusi Street in Riyadh.

“The contractor was working on a project unrelated to Mobily's business and had been briefed of the cable's location through maps, diagrams and a series of meetings,” Mobily said in a statement.

The company said it would offer its 11 million customers a discount that reaches 50% starting Tuesday until Monday 28 July. The discount is the highest in the history of the company.

The company is conducting a re-evaluation of the current situation of its network to ensure that it has safeguards against possible outages in the future.

Mobily's largest shareholder is the UAE's Etisalat, which holds a 26.25 percent stake. Public investors own 40 percent of the shares and the remaining 33.75 percent is privately held by local investors.