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Alshaya adopts SMS technology for quality recruitment

It becomes the region’s first enterprise to integrate SMS solutions through their Sniperhire recruitment platform.

M.H. Alshaya Co. became the region's first enterprise to integrate SMS solutions to their e-recruitment software platform - Sniperhire.

Sniperhire will send real-time SMS updates to candidates, regardless of which part of the world they live in, letting them know whether they are short-listed or called for an interview.

"Hiring the best retail talent globally requires competing with the world's biggest retail employers. The SMS solution is part of our hiring strategy to compete with the best. Mobile phone penetration is higher and more accessible than email the world over and we wanted to capitalize on this before anybody else in this region." says Paul Williams, HR director - Middle East of M.H. Alshaya Co.

Alshaya operates over 40 international retail brands including Starbucks, H&M and Debenhams. With 1,400 stores throughout the Middle East and abroad, the company has plans to double that number.

The SMS updates work on various levels and can be tailored to organization needs, with an email sent with each SMS. In a fully functional SMS update scenario, as soon as a line manager's request for additional staff is budgeted and approved, he or she receives an SMS stating that the vacancy is ready to be posted.

The line manager later receives another SMS stating the names of all the sourcing channels on which the vacancy is published. For every application received an SMS is sent.

Short-listed candidates receive text messages informing them about their current status. When a candidate needs to be interviewed, an SMS is sent requesting them to log on to the company's career portal and select which vacant interview time-slot is convenient. A day before a scheduled interview, the line manager is sent a reminder SMS about the upcoming interview.

After a decision is made, the selected candidate will receive a congratulatory SMS informing them about the job offer and requesting the person to check his or her email account for complete details.

"Alshaya is a leading organization in its field because it recognizes the importance of talent in an increasingly competitive world of business. The SMS feature is just one small part of the recruitment platform and yet has lasting impact both for the company and the candidates. Alshaya does not even have to set-up a separate phone line or hire a SMS distribution service. It is all done automatically and centrally through the Sniperhire system." says Ben Fawcett, director of Hiring Solutions, the region's only provider of intelligent recruitment solutions.

Sniperhire is an intelligent recruitment platform that works on many levels for better efficiency. Apart from the SMS feature, Sniperhire can screen, score and rank thousands of CVs in a matter of seconds. It can be integrated to independent psychometric test engines as well multiple sourcing channels such as recruitment agencies, company career portals, job boards and blogs.

"With Sniperhire, they now have access to the best candidates around the world 24/7 and their recruitment team can concentrate on important tasks instead of spending hours on admin-heavy tasks like reading scores of CVs everyday," Fawcett added.