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EC issues new anti-trust allegations against Intel

European Commission issues new allegations accusing Intel of anti-competitive practices against rival AMD

The European Commission has extended its anti-trust actions against Intel, with the issuing of a further set of accusations against the chip manufacturer.

On Thursday the EC issued a supplementary Statement of Objections to Intel outlining three more instances of what it describes as abuse of a dominant position with the aim of excluding its main rival, AMD, from the x86 CPU market.

In the new statement of objections, which builds on an existing statement issued in July last year, the EC states that Intel "has provided substantial rebates to a leading European PC retailer conditional on it selling only Intel-based PCs. Secondly, Intel made payments in order to induce a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to delay the planned launch of a product line incorporating an AMD-based CPU. Thirdly, in a subsequent period, Intel has provided substantial rebates to that same OEM conditional on it obtaining all of its laptop CPU requirements from Intel."

The statement also repeats the EC's belief that all of Intel's actions taken together represent a single overall anti-competitive strategy against AMD. The EC raided Intel's European offices and the premises of two major computer retailers in February, to gather evidence of the alleged practices.

Intel is also facing anti-trust actions from regulators in South Korean and in the US, all with regard to abuse of its dominant position.

In a statement issued Friday, Intel said that it was "confident that our response will show that the allegations in the SO are unfounded".