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Jacky’s bucks retail expansion trend

Jacky’s opens a second outlet in Sharjah to meet the growing demand for consumer electronics

The burgeoning Dubai market might be prompting electronics retailers to open new stores anywhere they can, but Jacky's has turned to the neighbouring emirate of Sharjah to enhance its prospects.

The company, which operates 11 UAE showrooms containing IT and consumer electronics products, has launched its second Sharjah outlet on the back of soaring demand for the latest gadgets.

Jacky's believes the impact of Sharjah's rising population and construction boom has created a purchasing environment every bit as appealing as Dubai. The new Sharjah City Centre-based store, which is spread over 1,800 square feet, will house digital kit such as MP3s, laptops, mobile phones and LCD TVs from various brands.

"The consumer electronics market in Sharjah has been maturing and is no longer seen as a market for cheap and unbranded products," explained Ashish Panjabi, COO at Jacky's. "Customers now are rapidly adapting mobile and modern technologies packed with quality, extended warranties and brand names they can trust."

He added: "With the UAE considered as the region's hub for consumer electronics industry, we would like to capitalise on this growth and make Jacky's Electronics' presence stronger in every emerging emirate."