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Catch brings buzz marketing to the Middle East

In partnership with Vanksen|Culture-Buzz, Catch will offer customised marketing tools to brands in the region

Independent digital agency based in Dubai, Catch, has partnered with Vanksen|Culture-Buzz, the world leader in buzz marketing, to bring tailored online marketing tools for brands in the Middle East.

The partnership will focus on customising and refining Vanksen|Culture-Buzz's existing word-of-mouth marketing platforms and strategies to meet the needs of regional markets. These platforms include Legitiname, the leading world provider of online brand management solutions, and BuzzParadise, an innovative technique to generate online recommendation through blogger engagement.

"The Vanksen tools will need to be expanded to handle Arabic.  Beyond that, Catch's involvement will be more about knowledge and experience in how to implement digital communication strategies in the region," said Anthony Rischard, CEO at Catch.

"Buzz marketing is still in its early stages here, but the audience for the techniques exists.  It is now about tapping into this market and introducing these highly effective new tools and techniques to the region. There is nothing like culture-buzz, as a platform, in existence in the region, nor are there any other agencies' focusing on this aspect of digital marketing," added Rischard.

A key goal of the partnership is to create buzz on and offline - since information seeded online travels far in the offline realm, through print, phone and face-to-face conversation.

According to Catch, several brands in the local market have already shown an interest in using buzz marketing techniques.

"Given the cluttered and fractured nature of media in the Middle East, ‘traditional' web advertising is no longer enough to break through - cutting edge viral, digital word of mouth and buzz marketing techniques must be a central part of the mix," said Emmanuel Vivier, CEO and cofounder of Vanksen|Culture-Buzz.

A study by Maktoob states that there are currently more than 40 million Internet users in the Arab world, excluding mobile digital users.

With regional consumers increasingly looking online for information, brands have to seriously consider word-of-mouth marketing techniques, including buzz, blogs, viral and social media marketing, to get ahead. Or get left behind.