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SAP seeks further regional partnership

SAP MENA looking for expert partners to expand Middle East footprint

Regional partnerships are getting a renewed focus from SAP MENA, the vendor's VP of large enterprise, Kevin Scott, told ACN at its Public Service Partners Information Day in Dubai.

"Certainly, we're expanding the ecosystem, because that's what's been asked of us by the market but it's always quality not quantity. Other vendors have taken a different course and we don't believe from what we hear from the market that that's necessarily serving them in the correct way.

"What we've heard from the market is that they want to have a few select highly qualified, highly capable, quality partners. What we're doing at today's information day is part of that development programme to develop the partner network and continue the quality road we've already embarked upon," he said.

SAP MENA is currently placing particular emphasis on the Middle East's public sector, according to Georges Cassir, management consultant for the vendor.

"We've realised that in this part of the world the situation is that we're dealing with more and more requests for large projects in the public sector. We've come in recently trying to bring over the experience we've had in Europe, Asia, and the US with our partners, and bring that experience to this part of the world," he said.

SAP has been direct in the region since the first of November last year. Scott says the vendor has already tripled its headcount on the ground and is going to double that again by the end of the year.