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Increase in web threat activity reported

According to the Trend Micro Threat Roundup report, a dramatic increase in web threat activity has been reported in the first half of 2008

A report by Trend Micro Incorporated, global leader in Intenet content security, shows a rapid increase in web threats in the last six months. Threats peaked at 50,000,000 in March 2008 from an approximate 15,000,000 in December 2007.

The good news is that there has been a steady decrease in adware and spyware credited to advanced security solutions.

The report states that only 35 percent of PCs were infected by adware in April 2008, down from an approximate 45 percent in March last year. The number of PCs infected by trackware has also dropped to less than 5 percent from around 20 percent last year.

Social engineering techniques such as the Nigerian phishing scam that play on human nature and empathy have been around for decades but cybercriminals continue to refresh these methods based on current trends.

Trend Micro discovered that over 400 phishing kits, specially designed to generate phishing sites, were targeting top Web 2.0 sites (i.e. social networking, video sharing and VoIP sites), free email service providers, banks and popular e-commerce websites.