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400GB DVDs in the pipeline

Pioneer develops multi-layer DVD disc that could offer up to 400GB of storage capacity.

Japan-based consumer-electronics vendor Pioneer has developed optical discs with a total storage capacity of 400GB.

The single disc is essentially a laminated combination of 16 layers, each offering 25GB of data storage. Staff at the firm claim the company has been able to reduce cross-talk data transmission loss, a problem which plagued older discs based on multi-layer technology. Staff say the firm's new production technology makes it possible to develop these discs without cross-talk problems.

The disc, which could soon go into mass production, is also said to have identical specifications when compared to Blu-ray media, which makes them backward compatible with existing Blu-ray drives.

Pioneer has announced read-only versions of the disc to date though the firm hasn't confirmed or denied whether it will produce writeable versions that can be used at home.