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Bahrain TRA creates consumer group to fight for rights

Bahrain's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority sets up consumer group to develop Customer Bill of Rights

Bahrain's Telecom Regulatory Authority has announced the formation of a new group to help protect consumers in the country.

The Consumer Rights Group (CRG) will be a sub-group of the existing Business User Advisory Group (BAG), and will focus on setting a framework to deal with customer issues such as unclear rates or undisclosed changes to rates, poor customer service and delays to engineering visits.

The CRG, along with the TRA and other consumer groups in Bahrain, are aiming to create a Telecommunications Consumer Bill of Rights, which would govern how telecoms providers treated their customers.

The sixteen point proposed bill would include set out the requirements for clear terms of service, and billing, customer choice, customer privacy, timely and high quality customer service and service provision, and access to a timely and fair complaints process.

The bill also includes provision to provide information and equipment to enable disabled people to access services, and priority restoration of services for seriously ill people who have services cut off.

Customers that have had service cut off also cannot be refused a new connection, unless they were disconnected for several serious reasons, and all users have the right to provision of basic low cost services.

The bill is the start of a twelve month program to raise awareness among customers and to support their rights.