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Linksys releases new wireless router

New RangePlus router is small in size but packs a powerful performance with high-speed and long-range networking

Linksys has released their new RangePlus Wireless Router (WRT110) that provides consumers with high-speed and long-range wireless networking.

Roughly the size of a small paperback book and sporting a sleek design, the Linksys by Cisco WRT110 has a MIMO smart antenna technology that captures faint signals for extended range and reduced dead spots using a single stream N technology.

As with every new Linksys router this model also comes with LELA (Linksys EasyLink Advisor), a clever digital assistant who explains how to set up the router and arrange your home network.

LELA helps to keep the network running and secure, informing you when things go wrong and how to rectify it.

The Linksys by Cisco RangePlus router and adapter are now available from authorized distributors and retailers. The manufacturer's recommended sales price of the WRT110 is US $79.