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Malaysia and Saudi Arabia join forces for Yesser project

Both countries to collaborate on developing a complete e-government platform for the Kingdom

Malaysia and Saudi Arabia will collaborate on the Yesser project as the Kingdom looks set to become the first country in the GCC to develop a complete e-government platform.

Engineer Ali Al-Soma, advisor to the minister of ICT and director general of the Saudi e-government program met with representatives from Malaysia's ICT industry as well as worldwide ICT executives at the 16th World Congress for Information Technology held in Kuala Lumpur last month to initiate new means of cooperation.

'The local ICT industry now contributes more than 5% to the Kingdom's GDP, but our goal is to create an economy based on knowledge and learning. That's the basis for the Yesser project, and we're keen to explore ways of working with countries such as Malaysia who were the first to pioneer and pilot e-government initiatives,' commented Al-Soma, as reported on AME Info.

The Yesser project is widely considered to be the most ambitious e-government program in the region with the aim of developing a system that can assist productivity of the public sector, offers enhanced and easy-to-use services for both individual and business customers, and can provide the public and businesses with accurate information in a timely manner.

As a leader in technology development, Malaysia was one of the first countries globally to roll out e-government for its citizens and businesses.