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HP launches new services for telecoms companies

HP has launched a new Solutions Consulting Services group to deliver telecoms consultancy

HP has announced a new line of consultancy services targeted at telecoms companies.

The service offerings, which will be delivered by a new Solutions Consulting Services (SCS) group, are intended to help telecom operators to align business with new technology, to maximize competitiveness and roll out new services.

Amin Kayal, communications, media and entertainment manager, HP Middle East said: "Working with HP SCS, service providers have achieved measurable revenue gains and operational efficiencies as well as the ability to deliver a better customer experience. The key to success has been HP's core competence across the three converging industries of telecom, IT and entertainment."

The SCS will primarily use a set of methodologies and best practices, HP COSMOS, which assess the operator's strategies, services, processes, organizations and systems, and then help realign those for maximum benefit.

"The market landscape is changing, and service providers must also change to ensure they can deliver a compelling user experience," said Curtis Price, vice president, Infrastructure Services, IDC. "HP is providing a unique approach to transformational change that starts with a holistic view of all the various elements of transformation and ends with actionable solutions."