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StumbleUpon blocked by Etisalat

Social content sharing site StumbleUpon barred by UAE ISP

Social content sharing service StumbleUpon has been blocked by UAE telecom provider Etisalat.

The site, which allows users, to rate web pages and share them with friends and users with similar interests, was reported blocked on a posting to the UAE community blog.

While the site is blocked to Etisalat customers, those connecting through rival operator du are still able to access the site

StumbleUpon, which is owned by eBay, serves up content to the users who click on a ‘Stumble!' button on their browser toolbar, with pages selected for display based on user's ratings of previous pages, ratings by his or her friends and by the ratings of users with similar interests.

The site joins other social networking services which are banned by Etisalat, including micro-blogging service Twitter, social networking site Orkut, and photo sharing site Flickr.

Sites can be blocked in the UAE for 'inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates', according to Telecom Regulation Authority rules.

For more on web blocking in the UAE see the itp.net blog.