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ADCCI fixes faxes with Captaris

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry switches to electronics alternative to paper faxes

Abu Dhabi's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) has installed Captaris's RightFax document management system, replacing its network of fax machines with an electronic alternative.

Integrator Solutions ME provided the system, which first began implementation in December last year. The RightFax system provides a central repository for all fax transmissions, allowing users to receive them as electronic documents and avoiding any accidental loss of information.

Pankaj Singh, marketing manager for Solutions ME, explained the reasoning behind the new system: "Earlier they used to have more than 30 fax lines. They would have to go to the machines to collect faxes - which would sometimes get lost. The problem was also of very high document delivery costs - the cost of paper and the instrument, and a lack of integration with other applications. Tracking information was also a challenge, since when a fax came they'd have no idea where it was kept."

"Now, ADCCI have increased their productivity. RightFax has saved the cost of their paper, the cost of monitoring the paper and the cost of manpower. By using RightFax, ADCCI are now working real time with its customers and members," he added.

Shoukri Yaghi, head of operations at the information systems department in ADCCI commented on the new system: "Our business relies on our ability to communicate with all ADCCI customers. File free document solutions allow us to easily and effectively communicate with our 50,000 members."