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Orange launches enterprise converged telephony solution

Corporate mobile convergence for large enterprises to be made available by Orange.

Orange Business Services is launching a fixed mobile convergence solution to allow employees to combine their mobile and fixed line phones.

The solution is the latest in the Unik product line and is aimed at corporate businesses with more than 200 employees. Users will be able to move not only from desk phone to mobile but also have access to one mailbox. International call charges are reduced as a result of mobile calls being routed through their IP PBX to the global voice network.

"Unik for corporate is a great example of our capacity to innovate by continually bringing new, managed convergence services to our customers and end users," said Laurent Kocher, senior vice president of global services at Orange Business Services.

According to the company benefits of Unik will include increased productivity, improved responsiveness and simplified life.  Productivity is boosted by the employee's ability to work from any remote location while still having access to traditionally deskbound features like call conferencing and transfer.

The use of just one number means that speedy and effective responsiveness takes place and if a user leaving the company the number does not have to be changed.

"As a global integrated operator, Orange Business Services can provide a more competitive solution than a single player that is just an integrator or just an operator," said Kocher.