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Abu Dhabi Media Corporation invests in IPTV

Anevia and PROTechnology have teamed up to implement the solution.

Abu Dhabi Media Corporation (ADMC) has selected PROTechnology and Anevia to install a brand new IPTV solution.

The solution involves a Flamingo DVB to IP gateway solution. As the Middle East's pioneering multimedia organisation, ADMC has shifted to IPTV in a bid to leverage the advantages of the full-IP approach towards broadcasting. Through Anevia's FLAMINGO solution, ADMC can transmit encrypted or free to air digital channels available from satellite channels (DVB-S or DVB-S2), digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T), cable TV (DVB-C) or professional DVB equipment (DVB-ASI) in unicast or multicast mode over an IP network. By using easy-to-install and cost efficient professional DVB to IP gateways, ADMC can also benefit from seamless TV channel monitoring and have 24/7 access throughout the building.

Abdul Hadi Al Sheikh, chief technology officer at the ADMC commented: "We believe that implementing state-of-the-art and cutting edge technologies help us in efficiency and effectiveness towards our high quality services and products."

"We are truly looking forward to our partnership with PROTechnology to deploy the newest version of our Flamingo DVB to IP gateway solution within ADMC. The services implemented on the existing IP network combine multiple benefits - ease of use, fast installation on employees' computers, seamless TV channel monitoring, and ubiquitous access throughout the building," said Damien Lucas, co-founder of Anevia.

"IP convergence is fast becoming the trend in the Middle Eastern broadcasting arena, as the region is continuously witnessing a massive technological revolution, which is driving manufacturers to develop modern technologies," said Jamal Maraqa, managing director of PROTechnology.