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Dell promotes benefits of virtualization with regional roadshow

Dell, VMware and Intel launch Middle East roadshow to show benefits of virtualization to IT departments

Dell, VMware and Intel yesterday kicked off a Middle East roadshow that aims to demonstrate the benefits of virtualization to customers in the Middle East.

The roadshow, which will be in Abu Dhabi on 25th June and will then feature events for the rest of the region in early September, will focus on the efficiencies that virtualization software and virtualization optimized hardware can bring to companies in areas like server consolidation, speed to deploy and ease of management.

John Coulston of Dell said: "Our customers regularly see 10-to-1 consolidation rates from deploying virtualization. Combining the hardware, software and service in one package allows our customers to very quickly deploy hardware to prepare for virtualizing their infrastructure. With our EqualLogic storage products you can build a SAN from scratch in less than an hour. Dell also believe that we can provide 'one throat to choke' for customers, by bringing best-of-breed partners, such as VMware and Intel, together under the Dell umbrella."

Coulston cited the example of Dell customer Black & Decker, which has saved over $800,000 in costs and reduced data space use by almost 70%, through implementing a Dell Virtualization solution. The power  tools company shifted one hundred applications into a virtualized environment running on just four servers, freeing up 96 other physical servers, drastically improving the efficiency of the company's IT staff.

For further information or to register for the events, please see www.itp.net/events/virtualisation.