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Intel to set up WiMAX lab in KSA

Lab will act as a hub for the improvement of WiMAX deployment in the region

Intel Corporation and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in KSA have agreed to launch a WiMAX research and development lab in the Middle East. The lab, which will be the first of its kind in the region, will be based at KACST in Riyadh and will serve the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

The lab will act as a hub to improve the deployment of WiMAX-based wireless broadband, and will offer services such as performance and interoperability testing for wireless broadband service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

The lab will also experiment with new WiMAX services and applications, and will focus on mobility and coverage problems in the region, network deployment, and interoperability between client and base station.

"Research and development are the basis for future success and WiMAX is especially important in developing markets where wire line technology is limited due to the lack of infrastructure," said Craig Barrett, chairman, Intel.

"WiMAX requires virtually no infrastructure and can cover large rural areas with immediate benefits for the whole population. We are confident that this lab will provide an excellent platform for Arab scientists and scholars to be innovative in the field of telecommunications and in particular in the WiMAX and networking arena."

Prince Dr Turki Saud Mohammed Al-Saud, vice president for Research Institutes at KACST added that broadband availability via WiMAX is critical to the growth of Arab economies. "The young generation expects and deserves equal access to the tools of the knowledge economy and everyone will benefit as this generation becomes the leaders of tomorrow," he said.