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Fujitsu-Siemens launches new storage system

CentricStor FS provides almost unlimited scalability, in addition to rapid response times and throughput capabilities, says FSC

Fujitsu Siemens has launched a new system, the CentricStor FS (File Services), to assist enterprises in the storage and consolidation of data and file services respectively.

The new product which will be available from late September comes in five models with storage capabilities ranging from 14.4TB through to 384TB.

"Many companies are fighting against the massive growth of unstructured data with the lion's share coming from Office files and e-mail attachments. Coping with this unstructured data efficiently and inexpensively has become a major challenge," said Dr. Helmut Beck, vice president of storage business at Fujitsu Siemens

According to the company, CentricStor provides nearly unlimited scalability, and in addition to extremely rapid response times and strong throughput capabilities, features the highest levels of system availability. The configurations are clustered and designed to simultaneously serve many different clients. Some standard features include load balancing for automatic client access and capacity.

The storage tool has been simplified to such an extent that the CentricStor can be set up and online inside of a day. This simplicity means that introducing additional storage components is easy, new hardware is automatically recognized, and the system will automatically configure itself for the optimal exploitation of available bandwidth and system capacity. Fujitsu Siemens also offers service and support through its global 24x7 call centres and remote access.

"CentricStor has been designed to save organisations money through its scale-outs system and its automated system management. The scale-out system leads to high flexibility which means that there is no need to pay for unused extra capacity, and the automated system management reduces administrative time and effort," said Beck.

"With the introduction of CentricStor FS, we are providing a cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution that can be easily expanded to meet changing data storage needs," concluded Beck.