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Mada Communications deploys Microsoft CRM

Kuwait's Mada Communications replaces legacy system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve customer processes

Mada Communications (formerly Arab Telecom) has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to replace its in-house system.

"Before we were using an in-house portal to manage all our connections and clients and we found that, with our growth, we really do need something more efficient like a CRM to manage our client dealings, invoicing, and to be more efficient because we are expanding our customer base," said sales and managing director, Shahad Ibrahim.

The new CRM system went live two months ago, and Mada are already seeing results, according to Ibrahim.

"It's made staff faster and more efficient, it's much easier to track and there's easier reporting. It has had an impact and we've just been using it for the last couple of months," she said.

Mada provides wireless data and Internet services to enterprises and government institutions, and is now looking to move into the consumer market.

Ibrahim feels that previously, wireless technologies were aimed more at the enterprise market but this is changing: "The wireless was not standard until maybe three years back when they had the Wimax standardisation. This equipment and technology was made before that time mainly for the corporate sector that was seeking high bandwidth, high reliability and efficiency. The normal user was very satisfied with a minimum speed.

"Now, with the revolution of the Internet, and e-distance learning and so on and since the price of wireless equipment has gone down a little bit with the standardisation of the base station, we are thinking of giving this broadband connectivity to the mass," she added.