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Oracle debuts onlines social CRM for sales professionals

Oracle Sales Prospector to deliver business network service to give sales people more intelligence into prospective customers

Oracle has demonstrated a new service to build business intelligence networks for sales professionals at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week.

Oracle Sales Prospector is described by the company as a combination of two web 2.0 ideas - social networking and software-as-a-service (SaaS) - which has been designed to help individual sales people and teams to have greater insight into sales prospects.

The application will analyse data from internal sources and from publicly available databases. Users will be able to tag and share data, and set access controls. Oracle stressed that the aim of Sales Prospector is not to create sales reports, but help mine and analyse data to predict which sales prospects are most likely to be worth pursuing and what results can be expected from sales activities.

"Oracle Sales Prospector makes it easy for a sales professional to access valuable sales leads," said Mark Woollen, Oracle vice president of CRM. "Oracle Sales Prospector helps deliver sales recommendations based on the buying patterns of customers with similar attributes. This use of collective intelligence combined with a consumer-like user experience provides sales professionals with a powerful means of intelligently targeting new business and accelerating revenue."

Sales Prospector will work either as a standalone product, or can work with existing CRM solutions, and will be available on a subscription basis by the end of the summer. The solution is the first in new set of ‘social CRM' applications that are planned by Oracle.