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Sony working on Wii-like controller?

New gamepad to allow for motion-sensing functionality.

Sony Computer Entertainment is reportedly developing a new controller for the PlayStation 3, which features motion-sensing capabilities and can break apart into two separate units.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, the UK-based video game website, the platform holder has produced working units of the controller, but is yet to set a release date or make an official announcement.

Such an offering would allow the PS3 to become a hub for a new variety of games, allowing Sony to target the non-gaming segment more effectively. This could make it a more effective competitor against the dominance of the Nintendo Wii, which has demonstrated its ability to attract non-traditional gaming types, including over 40s and women..

The PS3's original controller, the Sixaxis, does feature some motion-sensing abilities, which a handful of titles put to good effect. However, many gamers decried the lack of the rumble feature, which forced Sony to release a DualShock controller for its new console.

Sony could be holding out to unveil the controller at this year's E3 Media and Business Summit, held in early July in California.