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Intel face formal anti-trust investigation in the US

US Federal Trade Commission launches investigation into Intel over anti-competitive practices

Intel is facing a formal anti-trust investigation from the US Federal Trade Commission, around allegations of monopolistic practices.

The announcement marks a shift in the formerly informal investigation of Intel by the FTC into allegations that it has used rebates to support anti-competitive tactics against rival AMD.

The announcement follows a $25 million fine imposed by Korean regulators last week, also for anti-competitive behaviour.

Intel confirmed that it has received subpoenas to disclose documents relating to pricing agreements with customers, but in a statement said "the company believes its business practices are well within U.S. law".

AMD has complained about anti-competitive practices by Intel, including the provision of rebates if computer manufacturers stop using AMD, in a number of markets in Europe and the Far East.

Tom McCoy, executive vice president and COO of AMD, said in a statement: "Intel must now answer to the Federal Trade Commission, which is the appropriate way to determine the impact of Intel practices on US consumers and technology businesses. In every country around the world where Intel's business practices have been investigated, including the decision by South Korea this week, antitrust regulators have taken action."