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Consumers need educating on green PCs says FSC

Fujitsu Siemens says consumers need truly green PCs, not just marketing hype, to build on lead set by business buyers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is warning that more needs to be done to promote ‘green' PCs to consumers.

The company reports that while 75% of the PCs it sells to professionals organizations are now classified as green, the same move towards environmentally friendly has yet to be seen in the consumer sector.

Stephane Rejasse, managing director for Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Middle East said: "While the regions IT industry is fast changing its attitude towards the environment and adopting ways to reduce toxicity, users should be ready to change their behaviour towards the environment by making green choices. However, recent sales figures show that environmental awareness and knowledge about environmental protection on the part of the public still leave room for improvement."

Fujitsu Siemens recently launched a green PC, aimed at consumers, the Scaleo Green PC. The PC has been certified as compliant with the Energy Star, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel certificates, which assess energy efficiency and general environmental factors such as use of toxic materials, recycle-ability, noise, ergonomics and magnetic fields. The Scaleo is also produced to ISO 14001 standards, meaning more environment friendly production methods.

Rejasse said that it is important for companies to invest in R&D to develop truly green products like the Scaleo, and not just to sell on hype around environmental issues.

"With our green PC concept we want to offer a genuine green alternative to the buying patterns of private customers, whose collective environmental awareness is slowly on the rise. Our aim is for private customers to buy in the same environmentally conscious way as our business customers," he said.