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Alcatel-Lucent targets mid-size enterprises

Launch of integrated solution for mid-sized enterprises signals increasing focus on smaller firms

Network specialist Alcatel-Lucent plans to boost its presence in the region's mid-sized enterprise sector in the next five years, according to Hesham El Nahhas, Alcatel-Lucent's regional director for Middle East enterprise.

"The 100- to 500-employee mid-size enterprise is a booming segment, specifically in Middle East region and is one of Alcatel-Lucent's major targets as it represents a high growth potential over the next five years," El Nahhas said.

"Their needs are similar to the large enterprises and often include collaboration, mobility solutions and serving multi-sites, though they often lack dedicated experienced resources."

El Nahhas was speaking at the launch of Alcatel-Lucent's latest offering, an integrated communication suite designed specially for small and medium sized businesses in the region. The suite, which is known as BiCS, or ‘Business integrated Communication Solution', is a multi-service communications system for enterprises with 100-500 employees.

The all-in-one system integrates Unified Communications - a technology that bridges the gap between telephony and computing - with integrated management and contact centre applications. It also features a single wizard installation tool, and all applications are able to share the same hardware server, making the suite easy for smaller enterprises to install and use.

Crucially for smaller businesses, the system can be upgraded easily, so that expanding enterprises can adapt the suite to their needs without having to add additional hardware.

Customers can also pay for the hardware and service on flexible terms as their company grows, and they can test equipment before they buy, according to Gabriel Karam, Alcatel-Lucent's head of marketing and business development for the Middle East and India.

"BiCS delivers advanced communication applications easily and cost-effectively, enabling mid-size enterprises to give employees and customers the access to resources and information they need to be successful," Karam said.