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Region's telecoms need to develop stronger brands

Delta Partners say that regional telecom companies need to develop stronger brands to compete on a global basis

Telecom analysts Delta Partners are warning that regional telecoms will need to develop stronger brands and position them properly if they are to compete on a global basis.

According to a new white paper from the company, titled ‘Telecom Branding in the Middle East & Africa: Call to Action,' telecom companies in the Middle East need to take a bold approach to branding and also create brands that relate to the customer and increase comfort levels with them.

Javier Álvarez, Partner, Delta Partners, said: "Telecom companies need to become more aware of the importance of their brands, and recognize that having the right positioning, providing a distinct experience, and being able to engage in dialogues with their consumers would allow their brand and company as a whole, gain from tangible financial results.

"Identifying the right brand approach, whether locally or regionally, leads to differentiation and consumer appeal. We strongly believe that only a bold, distinct approach, can make the brand promise stick in stakeholders minds and reinforce a brand's value and promise," he added.

Regional telecoms need to overcome traditional approaches to advertising in the region, and a lack of customer data, and also the lack of local flavour to their brands before they can build world-class brands according to the white paper.

Once companies have then need to decide on a branding approach, define a corporate identity and develop the brand to appeal to all stakeholders. The brand needs to be rolled out through all parts of the company internally and externally, and also needs auditing to ensure its performance. It is also crucial that the brand is fully supported by the top level executives to succeed.

"A compelling brand needs to be created externally and internally within an organization. It forms the backbone to company in what the company does and how it operates and therefore needs to be suitably projected as the personality of the brand. The best example of this is Richard Branson, the Virgin brand ambassador, if not the brand itself," said Xavier Anglada, Associate Partner, Delta Partners.