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nVidia adds to Tegra processor family

nVidia launches single chip computer Tegra 650 processor to bring new capabilities to mobile devices

Graphics giant nVidia has launched what it claims is the world's first single-chip computer in the form of its new Tegra 650 processor.

The company says the 650 will grant pocket devices the ability to run internet applications and High Definition (HD) graphics. The new chip is the second in the Tegra line after the APX 2500, launched earlier in the year.

nVidia says the design of the 650 is such that it will allow for audio/video media processing, HD image processing, optimised Web 2.0 capabilities, 1080p display support, support for WiFi, disk drives and other peripherals and is board support package (BSP) compliant. BSP makes it possible for vendors to quickly integrate the 650 chip into Windows Mobile-based devices and get them to market as soon as possible.

The Tegra family relies on a heterogeneous architecture that employs multiple processors, each designed for a specific class of tasks. Tegras features an 800MHZ ARM CPU, a HD video processor, an imaging chip, dedicated audio processor and an ultra-low power GeForce graphics processing unit (GPU).

Devices powered by the Tegra 650 processors will be available on the market in the coming months.