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ITWorx ups code security with automated development analysis tool

Egytpian software developer ITWorx turns to Ounce Labs to provide security testing for development process

Egyptian software developer ITWorx is set to enhance the security of the applications it develops, with the deployment of Ounce Lab's automated source code analysis solution.

The Ounce Lab solution will enable regular security testing of ITWorx applications from the earliest stages of development, ensuring that the company produces more secure software for its clients, and applies to global standards of compliance.

With more than 300 applications in development every year, ITWorx wanted a solution that would make secure software creation as easy as possible for its development teams, according to Dr Tarek Nabhan, Products Division Manager, ITWorx.

"Ounce offered us the most accurate and actionable results in the industry. Ounce makes it easy for our developers and analysts to quickly implement the necessary changes to the software, helping us to deliver the most secure software possible, on time. We have reduced development costs, improved security, and enhanced even further the confidence our customers place in us," Nabhan said.

As well as creating more secure code, the source code analysis tool also provides reduced costs through detecting issues earlier in the development process, and reduces liability, supports compliance efforts, ensures data integrity, and increases the availability and stability of applications.

Jack Danahy, founder and CTO for Ounce Labs commented: "With hundreds of applications in development every year, it was vital for ITWorx to find a solution that would not only fit into their existing development processes, but one that could also run across large code bases and a broad spectrum of application types.

"We're pleased that our solution delivered the results that ITWorx can use among its security analysts and developers. It is also gratifying that of all the source code analysis solutions evaluated, only Ounce provided the reporting capabilities needed for ITWorx to demonstrate the security of their applications to the customers they serve," he added.