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Zain protecting mobile subscribers with free AV

Zain Kuwait is offering its subscribers a free anti-virus application to protect their mobile devices

Zain Kuwait is distributing a free anti-virus program to its mobile subscribers.

The company is sending out the application by SMS, so that users can install it on their handsets to protect against mobile viruses and other security threats that might target their mobile devices.

Mohammed Al-Shehab, Zain Kuwait's chief commercial officer (CCO) said: "Zain has tailored this procedure to provide its customers with the best protection against potential threats which might come from either Bluetooth usage, SMS or any other entry point to their mobile phone. Today's increasingly sophisticated mobile phones play an important part in everyone's life - we want to make sure that our customers have peace-of-mind that their mobile handsets are protected.

"In the past, when devices were attacked by such threats, customers would have to replace their handset with consequential and sometimes major inconvenience. With this program, our customers can rest-assured that their device is shielded and protected - saving time and information stored in their phones," Al-Shehab added.

Customers will receive the application through an SMS message, and then need to follow instructions to install.